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Commercial Solar Power Adelaide

Reduce your overheads and become cash flow positive by installing a good quality solar system designed to cancel out all, or at least large portion of your electric power bills.

Allow us to investigate your current billing and we will quote you for a well-designed system with monitoring in real time showing you on your PC / mobile phone or tablet, exactly how much power you are generating and consuming from the solar system, or from the grid, or from batteries if installed.


Commercial Finance:


In many cases our clients prefer to finance their solar systems through our Business Power House offer.Our special payment plan means you stay cash flow positive  with the monthly repayments being less than your current monthly power bills.


Note: The minimum financed amount is $10,000.



Power Purchase Agreement:


Known as PPA, we also offer a plan where we are able to install a solar system on your roof at no cost to your company, you would then purchase power at a cost less than your current energy price per kWh. All other power needs could also be purchased at a lower cost. This PPA is a ten year contract which gives an option to purchase the system at any time, in which case the purchase price will be calculated at the original cost of the system less a depreciation value of 5% per annum. Other conditions apply.




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