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We do all electrical maintenance, switchboard upgrades, safety switches, fan installations, smoke alarms and lighting.


LED Lighting


You could save anything from 30% – 85% off your lighting power usage and have better lighting and have no maintenance of having to replace globes.


Downlights, Florescent fittings, Spot lights, Hi-Bays and security lighting, all are available in energy efficient LED replacements. If you are still using any inefficient lighting, why not save by letting us replace them with good quality dimmable LED alternatives. There is a grant available up to $4,000 for commercial properties. Contact us for further information .   


Down Lights


Just one 9 watt LED down light will give you the same brightness as a 50 watt halogen.


The saving can be 75% in energy or more and they are fully dimmable, giving a better ambiance to the room.
Florescent Fittings
Regular Florescent fittings can be replaced with LED fittings which will save you money on maintenance and provide better quality light.


Spot Lights/ Flood lights


Replacing flood lights or spot lights with LED versions will consume less electricity and require less frequent replacement of globes, saving money and labour.
High-Bay Fitting
Replace your current High-Bay fittings with more efficient LED High-Bay fittings which require less maintenance and last longer. Compared to older High-Bay fittings, the new LED version consumes less electricity making them very efficient to use when lighting large areas.



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