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Thousands of people in South Australia are receiving power bills that only seem to be getting bigger. Switching to solar power means you'll be buying less power from the grid, so you will be paying far less on your regular electricity bill. In about three  years, your solar power unit would have  paid for itself!
Our  solar panels come with a 10 year / 25 year guarantee. Our range of inverters / micro inverters / optimisers also come with well backed up warranties of 10 years and more.


We aim to give all home owners clean, green energy solutions that will save you money and give you total piece of mind for years to come.


Note: Read our battery systems page for more on batteries.


Residential Finance:


For those not wanting to use available cash on hand, you could self-fund your system by taking advantage of our power house finance options. Our options allow you to have the system installed without any upfront payment, and your savings will be more or less what you would have been paying to your energy supplier. You can chose between 36 or 60 month repayments. Call us to find out more.




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