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Annual Solar Maintenance Check in Adelaide

Although it is not well published, it is highly recommended that owners of a solar system have their system inspected annually, therefore we are offering this service.


We will cover the following procedures and utilising the following checklist we will provide a signed copy to the system owner at the completion of the inspection.


The maintenance check will cover panels, railing, wiring and inverters:


Visual check

  • Check for any defects to the panels; fractures, browning, moisture penetration, corrosion and we will report if panels require cleaning.
  • Check for build-up of leaves and other matter, such as bird or rodent nests under panels.
  • Check and tighten any loose bolts on the panel mounting system.
  • Check DC isolators for signs of arcing and water ingress.
  • Check AC and DC wiring for corrosion or rodent damage.
  • Check all isolator enclosures.
  • Check condition of the inverter.


Electrical check

  • Carry out a full electrical test of each string of panels.
  • Check relative circuit breakers, safety switches (RCD's),solar isolation switch, earth fault protection and external enclosures.
  • Check all AC and DC wiring and ensure all wiring connections are secure.
  • Measure all electrical characteristics, operating voltages and currents, short circuit voltages and currents.
  • Check labeling and replace where necessary.
  • Report on the system performance.



Panel cleaning:
Single Storey Building: The cost for cleaning is $80.00 for the first 8 panels and $5.00 for each extra panel thereafter.
*Extra cost may need to be applied for double storey buildings.


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